Friday, April 19, 2013

University of Nebraska at Kearney Students Travel to InfoTec 2013

This week the Information Networking & Telecommunication (INT) students at the University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK) received an exciting opportunity to attend InfoTec ( hosted by AIM in Omaha, NE. Although at first reluctant to wake up so early, 4 cars of students started on the trek to Omaha on April 16th in the early hours and arrived safely in time for the first breakout session.

The number of INT students at InfoTec was exciting to see. It was even more awesome that the students chose to represent the INT program at UNK by wearing their blue INT polos. As the semester ends and some of the students graduate, it is my hope that they took something of value away from the conference. Perhaps one student heard a new idea that will spark a new invention in the future. Perhaps another heard about a new piece of technology and will go on to implement this for their employer. Perhaps another simply enjoyed being around other professionals in the field that she might pursue.

The experience of InfoTec is something that I will encourage INT students to attend. The conference would be a good experience for any student that is interested in the information technology (IT) field. I, for one, have already bookmarked next year's date on my calendar.