Saturday, July 6, 2013

Holidays are coming! I feel a break in the air!

I am really just posting this so that I can have an update to the blog. All readers out there, I am still here...alive and kicking.

This year has been a good year for INT. Trips to Omaha and Grand Island have been fruitful leading to many industry connections and potential jobs waiting for future students. Did you hear that future students? Lots of jobs waiting! I am still at a loss for why students are not attracted to technology-related degrees. Is it the idea of a dark cave? Is it the idea of the anti-social, caffeinated nerd?

I will not deny it. We do geeky things. We talk about how to repair iPhones in class as a fun topic and things like Bitcoin and the newest ways to prank your friend's computer. But, I still remain hopeful that there are other future students just like us who have a craving to know how things work. Perhaps a deep-seated, longing desire to know how those little electronic bits zip from your device out the interwebs and back in a matter of milliseconds (at least I hope it's milliseconds unless you live in a desert with no water and no access to AAAAHHHHH! the Internet).

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