Friday, October 31, 2014

STEM & Women

One of my favorite topics! I recently read this article:

I agree with some of the things mentioned here. I biggest takeaway for me from this article was something I see with women in the classes I teach. Men tend to be more assertive and confident in the hands-on lab than women. Even if wrong, men in my classes will try it. Women tend to hold back a bit more until they make sure they have it right and then even sometimes are tentative. Is this because working hands-on and mechanical aspects are more familiar to men? I think so. Perhaps this also could be because of early childhood development and the toys that are presented. But I also think that personality plays a role.

The bottom line for me is that women can be successful in the networking field without knowing coding. I think the same goes for other areas of IT and I thought the article did a great job of addressing this point. The IT field has gotten so big, vast, powerful that STEM fields do not have to be explored as a whole. In the INT program here at UNK, we choose to take this approach. We look at routing, switching, wireless, cloud, data center, voice, and security purely from the networking area. Does networking have application in other IT areas? Absolutely, but we believe that this area, in itself, is so vast that it deserves study on its own merit.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Intellicom celebrates milestone with UNK partnership, $150K donation

We are excited to announce that Intellicom has partnered with UNK and the INT program with a significant donation of $150K over the next 5 years. The exciting announcement was given at Intellicom's 20th Anniversary Party. See more here:

Friday, March 14, 2014

Internet of Everything

This is what Cisco and others are now calling the Internet: The Internet of Everything (IoE). I like IoE because it's an acronym and where would techies be without acronyms? That's a rhetorical question so don't answer. But, back to IoE, read this blog:

It's fascinating. March 12th was the 25th anniversary of the Internet now the IoE (which is really close to IE and no further comments on that). The 25th anniversary of a "thing" that pretty much touches every single person in my household on a daily basis. Not only does it "touch" them once but quite frequently throughout the day. Even though they are kids they are surrounded with apps, touch screens and wireless.

So what's my point? Read the blog. It's cool. A degree in networking provides lot of opportunities especially with the dawn of the IoE.

Friday, March 7, 2014

More than networking...

Lately in class we have been attempting to go wireless. And I don't just mean any wireless. I mean wireless-with-a-controller type of wireless. Hard core, corporate, in your face, big wireless. We are using Aruba in the classroom and although it has been slow going, I think we have had successes. We actually had one access point up and running yesterday. Although the SSID broadcasted was humorous, it was taken down and re-sanitized so that it would be seen as "appropriate" on a college campus. We, in INT, are nothing but appropriate.

Speaking of SSIDs (aka wireless network names) and college campuses like this one, this is a note to you students who have nasty wireless labels on your access points. Everyone with a smartphone can see your label. And since a LOT of students have smartphones now-a-days, a LOT of people can see your label. Just saying...

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